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Combined 200 Million+ monthly unique users

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Get clickable companion banners as a value add


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You pay only for the delivered impressions. >99% efficiency


With PayTunes, you can target your audience on Audio apps based on various combinations of user demographics such as,

User Age

You can target your ads to listeners (registered users), based on their age


Place your gender specific products to men & women separately through this gender specific targetting

Device (Make / Model / Price)

Target users based on SEC through targetting different Device (Make / Model / Price)


You can target your ads to listeners, based on their location

Part of the Day

You can target your ads to listeners, based on Part of the Day

We've a large presence all across the country through all our partner apps. Advertising through us, we ensure that the client can target the desired demographics spread across all different audio apps, without having to deal with different clients.

We're present in over 100 cities of India, reaching out to over 200 Million+ active unique users every month. Get in touch to know our reach areas and users from each city.


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We're partner with all the popular audio apps of India.

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